Message: ” For Better and For Worse: Loving Over the Long Haul, Part 3″ from Winston Smith

Winston Smith - November 15, 2003

For Better and For Worse: Loving Over the Long Haul, Part 3

CCEF Conference Hope for the Suffering

Workshop: This is part 3 of a 4 part talk. How does Jesus love people, his bride, his enemies, sinners? Winston Smith reminds us that Jesus came as a Messiah to a people who were sinners. As Jesus loved, he often disappointed and angered them because it didn’t look the way they wanted it to. Because we live in a world of sinners and marriages are made up of sinners, love may mean needing to disappoint people. There’s a difference between following Christ and making people happy. How can we do this with humility? What is Christ calling us to? What does grace look like in marriage and relationships? How does Jesus respond to being sinned against? Smith reminds us that none of us can love perfectly, and that’s why Jesus came. He didn’t come to prop up our efforts at trying harder, but to replace our imperfect substitutions and idols and give us His Spirit. We can’t love well with out him. Key Scriptures: Mark 3:21; Matthew 16:21-23; Luke 12:51-53; Matthew 5:17, 43-48; 1 Peter 2 & 3

From Series: "CCEF Conference Hope for the Suffering"

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