Message: “For Better and For Worse: Loving Over the Long Haul, Part 4” from Winston Smith

Winston Smith - November 15, 2003

For Better and For Worse: Loving Over the Long Haul, Part 4

CCEF Conference Hope for the Suffering

Workshop: This is part 4 of a 4 part talk. How do we help others in marriage? How can we hold out Christ to our friends as they struggle? How can we lovingly call them to new behavior? By revisiting the case scenario from Part 1, Winston Smith practically describes how we can take the truths from the previous 3 sessions and humbly call our friends to new behavior resting in God’s grace. He ends with a time of Q&A. Questions include the following: Marriage often requires sacrifice to personal dreams. When you’ve lived with a dream for so long, how do you set aside that dream? How do you help someone see their personal idols when they are so embedded and are often hard to see by the person you are counseling? In a situation where you are only counseling one spouse and the other spouse is unwilling to meet, how do you build hope into the spouse you’re working with? How do you engage in these issues with non-Christians? Key Scriptures: 1 Peter 2 & 3

From Series: "CCEF Conference Hope for the Suffering"

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