Message: “Fire & Glory 1 Peter and Suffering” from William P. Smith

William P. Smith - November 14, 2003

Fire & Glory 1 Peter and Suffering

CCEF Conference Hope for the Suffering

Workshop: In this audio talk, Bill Smith argues that sometimes people do the right thing in relationships and yet still pay a hard price for it. The potential for suffering is often at the surface in significant relationships. They end up asking, what have I done wrong? The purpose of 1 Peter is to help us respond well when people respond badly to us, when we receive evil for doing good. How will we handle this guaranteed suffering? Bill Smith offers thoughts on the difficulties that come when we follow Christ in every aspect of our lives, and how this impacts our relationships. He also addresses how Christ’s death & resurrection impact our experience of suffering and shame, and how we enter into the suffering of others during personal ministry (counseling). The Spirit of Christ’s presence is crucial at these times.

From Series: "CCEF Conference Hope for the Suffering"

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